Adventures In The Field (AITF) Digital

System Requirements, Compatibility & User Information

Before you purchase AITF Digital, you need to know the following:

  • Uninterrupted internet access is best for this site to run smoothly. 4G is sufficient on mobiles.

  • This site is sonic so be sure you have your sound turned on or your headphones handy or even in before heading to the Home Page.

  • AITF is formatted for computers and mobile devices. On mobiles devices it is responsive to varying screen sizes from iPhone 6 up. It is compatible with android phones. However, please be mindful that mobile devices older than 5 years are likely to be a unstable. Computer and mobile versions look a little different. It’s fun to explore the site on both formats if possible. On the computer version, please note that the older the operating system and thus the browser, the less smoothly and visually cohesive the work will be. Best experiences will be on current operating systems and up-to-date browsers like Chrome.

  • This site is complex and large. It has a pre-loader to ensure the site loads smoothly. The pre-loader registers as a short wait. You will see a grey screen with a white circle as you move around for the first time. Once the site is cached on your device its operating speed will increase.

  • If the site becomes unresponsive or visually breaks, simply refresh the screen and the pre-loader should take care of recalibrating the design and content.

  • This is a digital artwork. Like any artwork - presentation counts. This work of course looks and sounds its best on larger format high-resolution screens and high fidelity sound systems or headphones.

  • The content of AITF can only be accessed online. It is not available for download under any circumstances.

  • Your login is yours alone. Sharing it devalues this work and disrespects those who made it. Be sure to sign up and pay for your own adventure.

  • Your access to the site will be manually switched off 90 days after purchase date. There are no exceptions or extensions to this. You will receive a notification email shortly before this takes place and upon completion of your 90 days.

  • There are strictly no refunds on this product.

  • Once purchased, please read the Terms & Conditions and Privacy documents contained in the site.

  • If you have any questions, feel free to contact us here.