Embodied Education
Cultivating the Conditions to Thrive


Live Particle provides embodied education to adult learners, learning institutions & workplaces.

Embodied education is an approach to learning that draws on the broad spectrum of intelligences. Tapping into sensory perception, gut-instinct and imagination, this movement-based approach amplifies skills that are under-valued in our culture and education systems. Embodied Education provides new insights, helps us grow capacity and harnesses our inherent creativity.


EducationAL Suite

Live Particle offers embodied education through a suite of live workshops, digital packages, physical learning tools & an online resource library.


Live Particle generates material from their sound & movement improvisation practice. They create multi-faceted performative events and sonic compositions for embodied education.


"When the brain proliferates options, it gets off the path of least resistance and reaches more widely into its networks. Instead of running set algorithms, the brain bends, breaks & blends its storehouse of experiences, imagining what-ifs." ~ David Eagleman - neuroscientist