Embodied Education
Cultivating the Conditions to Thrive


Live Particle fosters creative living. We are artists, educators & innovators.
Embodied Education is our craft. 

Human intelligence exceeds what is used and valued in our culture & education systems. We're here to change that with invigorating live & digital material for learners in any field, in any context. Embodied Education is an approach to learning that resources innate creativity by drawing on the broad spectrum of human intelligences via movement-based activities, somatic inquiry, improvisation techniques and physical learning tools. Tapping into sensory perception, kinesthetics, imagination and intuition among other skills our experiential approach amplifies these under-valued resources. Embodied Education provides new insights, builds confidence and enhances creativity. Our processes yield vital and transformative ways of living, learning and being. 

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AITF Digital

We have just launched a brand new resource that innovates online access to embodied education and somatic processes! AITF Digital is a curated digital environment that invites you on a uniquely humane quest…

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EducationAL Suite

Live Particle offers Embodied Education through a suite of live workshops, digital packages & physical learning tools.

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Live Particle generates material from a sound & movement improvisation practice. We create multi-faceted performative events and sonic compositions for Embodied Education.


We acknowledge Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people and culture as the oldest in the world. We acknowledge First Nations people as the traditional custodians of the land where we live and work. We honour this land as the greater organism of which we are all a part. We recognise First Nation sovereignty to this land and that sovereignty was never ceded. We pay our respects to their ancestors and elders, past, present and emerging.