ADDITIONAL TOOLS FOR EMBODIED LIVES including digital resources, references & attributions.


The synergy between Maling's Adventures In The Field™ & Clarke's Wild Life was the spark for Live Particle. These two bodies of work form the foundation of Live Particle and are presented here as resources to support students as they engage in The Live Particle approach.



Developed by Maling in 2015, Adventures In The Field™ (AITF) is a codified process for experiencing & mapping embodied intelligence. It is an interdisciplinary, deeply therapeutic, rich research & educational model with a footing in Art, Psychophysiology, Embodied Anatomy, and Movement Therapy. Its multi-zoned journey has been taught in groups and privately, in Australia & NZ. AITF has provided a framework and conceptual principles for Live Particle.


This is the digital realisation of the live work in an effort to increase accessibility and translation of embodied education and somatic practices. AITF Digital - The Quest is considered a digital artwork - a sonic/visual educative experience. As an interactive interface it operates as a supplementary resource to Live Particle and the AITF face-to-face sessions. It is currently in development - intended completion 2019.




In this Performance Research PhD, Clarke begins with concerns about how binary concepts such as mind/body, subject/object, and conscious/unconscious limit our capacity to gain a more appropriate and precise understanding of artistic creativity. The project lays out an alternative philosophical background to examine and interpret artists’ experiences of creativity. Through performance, Clarke uses this framework to apply, experiment, distil, perform, and articulate how the fundamental structures of life, as originally put forward by Charles Darwin (1859) and expanded upon by Henri Bergson (1946/1992), are implicated in processes of artistic creativity. It operates as a resource to support the underpinning philosophies of Live Particle

REferences & Attributions


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This work has been informed by decades of research with various embodiment practitioners & artists who form a lineage of practice and to whom we are eternally grateful. There are a specific few in our more immediate practice that we'd like to acknowledge. They are...

Bonnie Bainbridge-Cohen, Alice Cummins, Kim Sargent-Wishart - Body-Mind Centering
Jane Kennedy - Focusing Australia
Kate Barnett, Ineke de Graaf, Cathy Madden - The Alexander Technique
Tara Judelle - Embodied Flow
Jason Maling - artist, maker, pretender, and facilitator