LP Interactive

Experience something of what we do live in this collection of sonic and audio visual material and insights gleaned from workshop participants. Check out our Gallery for more visual delights.


Sonic Composition Excerpt

From The Stillness, is our first sonic work as Live Particle. It is included in a collaborative science project funded by an ARC Linkage Grant entitled Designing Green Spaces for Biodiversity and Human Well-Being. Here is a little bite from this 35 minute piece.

LP Video Vignettes

We were in the studio throwing around ideas about how we might help learners to actively engage with a non-binary experience. We wondered what it would be like if we stopped focussing on how binaries are flawed, and simply accepted that life is integrated, porous, fluid and exists at the boundaries, in the centre and all the spaces inbetween. How might that change the way we as humans interact and respond to our visceral experience, others, materials and the environment? Live Particle takes this idea as its central philosophy and uses it as a key activator of embodied education and social change. Our workshops fluidly move from discussions to experimenting with tangible ways to experience these concepts. Here's a very simple riff on this idea using what was at our disposal in the moment.

LP Video Vignette - Fabric (silent)

LP Video Vignette - Texter