LP Practice

performative events . Improvisation . Sonic compositionS

Live Particle generates material from creative practice. We are interested in how the human organism and its fundamental creative functionality and organic development manifests through live performance. Through a regular practice of sound & movement improvisation and collaborative art projects, Live Particle creates multi-faceted performative events and sonic compositions.

Live Particle responds to the constantly changing conditions of lived experience and our embodied entanglement with one another and our environments. We distil evocative, performative moments from everyday experience and draw upon whatever tools happen to allow fulfilment of our creative vision. In doing so, we conjure other worlds and traverse terrains that are evocative, provocative and interactive.


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AITF Creative Engine weekend

For two days Maling & Clarke facilitated an immersive experience of Live Particle Learning - the meeting of Maling's Adventures In The Field™ & Clarke's Wild Life. Experienced students & colleagues were invited to examine & share ideas, extrapolate concepts, mine shadows, and explore how this learning framework maps onto their lives. For Live Particle it was a kind of think tank pilot - moving research, kinaesthetic learning & somatic inquiry as creative frisson!