Live Workshops

Immersive , experiential . movement-based . multi-sensory

The following workshops are customised to meet the current needs of who’s in the room and / or the needs of your work place or learning institution.

Embodied Education TAster

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What do you need right now to thrive?

Embodied Education cultivates a heightened state of awareness that is different to ordinary awareness. It builds skills that resource creativity and nourish personal and collective sustainability.

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Resource Creativity - Grow Capacity

Workshop for adult learners in any field.

Venture off road with this innovative professional development experience. Access more of your creative capacity through Embodied Education.

Ever wondered what Embodied Education is all about?

Give it a whirl in this FREE introductory workshop…

Taste your aliveness. Explore and experience life as an integrated creative process. Support your essential creative living, day-to-day wellbeing and our collective humanity.

Move, sound, look & touch in this compelling inquiry into your innate creativity and cellular intelligence.

In these workshops you will learn to:

  • Surface cellular intelligence and find its relevance in your day-to-day

  • Harness the muscle of the imagination and experience its application

  • Resource your creativity, confidence and embodied dexterity.

  • Attune to sensory perception

  • Listen to and augment intuitive knowing.

  • Develop unique skills in creative processing, synthesising and mapping.

  • Discover new pathways to knowledge and shift your modus operandi.

  • Use embodied practices to generate innovative contributions toward change.