Live Workshops

Immersive , experiential . movement-based . multi-sensory

These are customised live workshops to meet the current needs of your organisation. Whether you are at the cusp of change, reforming after major change, needing a reboot or simply looking for alternative ways to inspire your workforce, we can find ways to engage your staff in a unique form of professional learning.

Imagination Training

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Imagination is essential for creative living.  It is part of our organic design yet it is often underrated as a core life skill. Harness the muscle of the imagination and develop unique skills in creative processing, synthesising and mapping. Grow capacity through movement-based activities, somatic practices, improvisation techniques and physical learning tools.

These experiential workshops will help you attune to sensory perception and tap into intuitive knowing. Discover new pathways to knowledge and shift your modus operandi in vital and transformative ways.

Imagination Training is available as a single workshop or tri-workshop package: Mark, Spectrum & Pattern. What do you and your workplace need right now to thrive?

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