Imagination Training - Public Workshop
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Imagination Training - Public Workshop

Resource Creativity - Grow Capacity

Public workshops for adult learners in any field

Venture off road with this innovative professional development experience. Access more of your creative capacity through Embodied Education.

Imagination Training cultivates a heightened state of awareness that is different to ordinary awareness. Imagination is part of our embodied design yet it is often underrated as a core life skill. Learn how to activate your imagination through embodied practices and bring more of your human faculty to the fore.

Why? Because it resources creativity and nourishes personal and collective sustainability.

Live Particle brings you compelling, multi-disciplinary workshop experiences using movement-based activities, somatic inquiry, improvisation techniques and physical learning tools.

In these workshops you will learn to:

  • Harness the muscle of the imagination and experience its application

  • Resource your creativity, confidence and embodied dexterity.

  • Attune to sensory perception

  • Listen to and augment intuitive knowing.

  • Develop unique skills in creative processing, synthesising and mapping.

  • Discover new pathways to knowledge and shift your modus operandi.

  • Use embodied practices to generate innovative contributions toward change.

Imagination Training can be taken as a single workshop offering or a cumulative workshop series. Offered on Saturdays 1-4pm throughout 2019.

Build foundational embodied practices over two workshops.

Craft a personal resource kit for creative confidence & dexterity.

Apply embodied practices to relational dynamics.

Generate innovative contributions toward change.

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From The Stillness - Fielding Project
to Jan 17

From The Stillness - Fielding Project

Fielding concerns the role of sound in the greening of urban spaces and how this can impact the well-being of people, animals and plants in the urban environment.

Live Particle have a sonic work - From The Stillness, in a collaborative science project funded by an ARC Linkage Grant entitled Designing Green Spaces for Biodiversity and Human Well-Being. The project is conducted by scientist Sarah Bekessy and her team at Sustainability and Urban Planning RMIT University.

Clarke & Maling's work is part of Fielding - a sound art research collaboration between Catherine Clover & Jordan Lacey that forms the creative sonic component of Bekessy's research.

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There's still time to visit the installation:
RMIT University city campus. The Sunken Courtyard is on the east side of the campus, close to Russell Street and along north wall of the old Melbourne gaol. Accessible 24 hours, sound runs from 8am-9pm daily. Map to the courtyard here.

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Thinking Bodies: Moving Minds
to Sep 16

Thinking Bodies: Moving Minds

We are delighted to be presenting in this symposium on the art of embodiment at Abbotsford Convent...

The Live Particle Way - Somatics and Creativity

Imagine learning as a live performative event… explore your poly-intelligence, attune to experience differently, inhabit different states, map your learning through the visceral, indulge creative impulses and perhaps even visit remarkable embodied dimensions. 

In this workshop, artists & educators Maling and Clarke explore the synergies between their work. Maling’s Adventures in the Field - a process of experiencing & mapping embodied intelligence meets Clarke’s PhD Wild Life: The lived experience of artistic creativity, and a new artistic enterprise ‘Live Particle’ has emerged.

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