Immersive , experiential . kinaesthetic . multi-sensory

Live Particle offers embodied education through a suite of live workshops, digital packages, physical learning tools & an online resource library.


Live Workshops

Our experiential workshops are designed for group delivery in learning institutions and community groups. Meet Live Particle and renegotiate your relationship to the known. Learn to have ‘knowledge at hand’ anywhere, anytime! Attune to experience differently, discover new pathways for learning and grow your capacity.

Imagination Training

Imagination is often under-rated as a core life skill, but it is part of our organic design. Experience a tonic for workplace innovation and grow capacity through Imagination Training. In this workshop your modus operandi will be shifted in vital and transformative ways. You will focus on the broad spectrum of human intelligence through sensory perception, imagination, somatic inquiry and movement-based activities.  Liberate your ‘gut instinct’ and remember how to harness the rich lustre and depth of human innovation and sensitivity.

Live Particle will work with you to design bespoke workshops to meet the current needs of your organisation. Whether you are at the cusp of change, reforming after major change, needing a reboot or simply looking for alternative ways to inspire your workforce, we can find ways to engage your staff in a unique form of professional learning.


Digital Packages

The work of social change needs to be done at a personal level before it can be done at a collective level. Be the social change you want to see in the world through embodied education. Start here with this audio series package - anywhere anytime.

ATTUNEMENT TRAINING - MINI (Coming December 2018)

This package is an audio series over a week recommended as preparatory training to any of the live LP workshops.

ATTUNEMENT TRAINING - EXTENDED (coming december 2018)

This package is an audio series over a month recommended as preparatory training to any of the live LP workshops.


physical Learning tools

Attune, move, be moved & discover new experiential pathways with these handcrafted physical learning tools. Live Particle has developed these through personal and  professional practice to activate embodied learning. They are designed support learners & teachers of embodied education.

Single Learning Tool

Beautifully contoured strong tea tree wood sustainably sourced, purposely cut & sanded for embodied education.

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Online resourceS

Currently in development, this continuously growing collection is created to support learners & teachers of embodied education on an ongoing basis. Stay tuned.