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We believe the work of social change needs to be resourced personally & collectively. Explore how embodied education can resource your creativity and cultivate your capacity to sense, contemplate & enact from a enlivened place rather than an objective or projected one. Be the social change you want to see in the world. Start here with our Digital Products - anywhere, anytime.


AITF Digital

Adventures in the Field (AITF) Digital is a rousing digital adventure between pixel and cell. Brimming with creative artefacts, it is a quest for a return to our humanity. Here, creative processes are at the centre of all things – where they belong. It is embodied education for embodied lives that can energise personal agency and activate social action with the potential for global impact. Paradoxically the less we focus on humans as the centre of all things, the more humane we become.

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AITF Digital is a curated digital environment that invites you on a uniquely humane quest. The creative artefacts you will encounter are pixelled invitations for you to cultivate the poly-intelligence alive in your cells. This multi-sensory, experiential work has potential to help you better support and take care of essential creative living and day-to-day wellbeing.

AITF Digital is produced by Live Particle, with site designs by artist Justine Henry and online development by Studio PDA. This work innovates online access to embodied education and somatic processes.

The Adventures in the Field (AITF) model was originally developed by Camilla Maling in 2015 and delivered in experiential workshop format. This digital translation dances the interface between pixel and cell. The face-to-face experiential workshop format continues to be available privately in Melbourne.

AITF Digital is an interdisciplinary, therapeutic, research & educational model with a footing in Art, Psychophysiology, Embodied Anatomy and Movement Therapy. The experience of AITF Digital becomes a personal embodied exploration to resource your creativity.