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We believe the work of social change needs to be done personally before it can be done collectively. Explore how embodied education can resource your creativity and cultivate your capacity to sense, contemplate & enact from a enlivened place rather than an objective or projected one. Be the social change you want to see in the world. Start here with our Digital Products - in your own time where ever you like.

Attunement Training

Our Gift To You

Here’s an example of an Attunement Training. Note it’s just a snippet of a larger work which will be available to you for purchase as a single Attunement Training or a compilation of Attunement Trainings, in early 2019.


AITF - The Quest

Developed by Camilla Maling in 2015 and originally delivered in experiential workshop format, this digital translation of Adventures In The Field (AITF) dances the interface between pixel and cell. Made in collaboration with designer/visual artist Justine Henry and social enterprise Live Particle, this work innovates online access to embodied education and somatic processes.

AITF - The Quest is a curated digital library of experiential resources made by Live Particle and invited artists. This material is organised into a map-like format through which you can pick your preferred path. The experience of the AITF Quest becomes a personal embodied exploration to resource your creativity.

AITF is an interdisciplinary, therapeutic, research & educational model with a footing in Art, Psychophysiology, Embodied Anatomy, and Creative Arts Therapy. Its multi-zoned journey has been taught in Australia & NZ. It has contributed to the framework and conceptual principles of Live Particle and continues to be available live in private in Melbourne.

AITF - THE QUEST is currently in development - intended completion April 2019.