We’ve been asked many times why one might engage in Embodied Education, so we’ve compiled a list of core knowledge & skill and benefits for life, study & professional learning.

LP Core knowledge and Skill


  • Embodiment

  • Human Development

  • Creative Evolution

  • Embodied Anatomy & elemental cellular intelligence

  • Multiple Intelligence Theory

  • Multi-sensory lived experience


  • Embodied educational practices

  • Visceral and environmental attunement

  • Translating fundamental human developmental principles into learning frameworks

  • Improvisation

  • Directing and dilating attention

  • Somatic imagination

  • Sensory observation, experimentation and reflection

  • Focusing inbetween

  • Poly-intelligence

  • Organic tensility

Benefits for Life

  • Improved mental health

  • Moving through perceived blocks and finding powerful solutions to resolve

  • Enhanced creativity

  • Stronger connectedness with others and environment

  • Clearer sense of life purpose


Benefits For Study & professional learning

  • Enhanced learning agility

  • Access to multiple intelligences - we call this poly-intelligence

  • Development of personal experiential memory tracts

  • Awareness of organic tensility

  • Recognition of learning resistances

  • Attunement to senses, others and environments differently

  • Refreshed enthusiasm for study and professional learning

  • Access to embodied creative processes