Immersive , experiential . movement-based . multi-sensory


The work of Live Particle is underpinned by substantial experience in education, embodied practices, performance and art making. We bring together our life experience of these things as well as a fusion of Camilla Maling’s AITF and Angela Clarke’s PhD to form this new body of work - Live Particle. LP products are populated in various ways with to deliver accessible, relevant and refreshing embodied education to individuals, learning institutions and corporate organisations.

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LP Core knowledge and Skill

LP Source Material is underpinned by the following core knowledge and skills.


  • Embodiment

  • Human Development

  • Creative Evolution

  • Embodied Anatomy & elemental cellular intelligence

  • Multiple Intelligence Theory

  • Multi-sensory lived experience


  • Embodied educational practices

  • Visceral and environmental attunement

  • Translating fundamental human developmental principles into learning frameworks

  • Improvisation

  • Directing and dilating attention

  • Somatic imagination

  • Sensory observation, experimentation and reflection

  • Focusing inbetween

  • Poly-intelligence

  • Organic tensility