AITF Digital

AITF Digital is an online embodied education learning environment. It provides over 100 somatic resources as visual, sonic and written materials organised in a progressive sequence.

It is a model that links your cellular intelligence to your creativity and wellbeing. It helps you to intersect with your intelligent flesh and translate this wisdom into action out in the world.

Developed by artist/educators Camilla Maling and Dr Angela Clarke (Live Particle), this innovative online platform can be accessed anywhere, anytime from your computer or phone.

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Is AITF Digital an online course?
No, AITF Digital is not an online course. It is a curated embodied education learning environment housing a collection of resources that you can dip in and out of whenever you like. You do not need to set aside large chunks of time for AITF Digital unless you would like to. You might spend several hours engaging with the site or simply spend five minutes with a particular resource. AITF Digital is there to support you amidst your day-to-day life in whatever way best suits you.

How am I supposed to use AITF Digital?
You might explore the material at home or as you travel, eat lunch or take a walk. As a self-paced, online learning experience, AITF Digital is a private domain for you to resource your creativity and wellbeing.  Materials are varied, some will invite you to listen, some to see, and others will require reading. In each resource we have included prompts for contemplating or doing. The intention is for you to engage with the material and consider how it might be useful in your personal, professional and community life.

What are the possible benefits of using AITF Digital?
You may register a number of changes in your creativity and wellbeing. Possible benefits may include:

  • change of pace & creative inspiration

  • stress release & tools to shift your mood

  • feeling more present and able to manage what’s here

  • new ways to move and increased physical comfort & agility

  • ability to harness the power of your voice

  • being more conscious of your multi-sensory experience

  • stronger connectedness with others and environment

  • recognising your cells are intelligent and translating this into action out in the world

  • recognising your habits & their impact

  • capacity to move through perceived blocks and finding solutions to resolve work and life difficulties

  • clearer perspective around your values and next steps

  • becoming more conscious of your own creative process and capacity

  • integrating somatic practices in your work and life

  • personal empowerment

Can I access AITF Digital on my phone?
Yes, AITF Digital is formatted for personal computers and mobile devices. We would encourage use on both platforms. Like any site – it looks & sounds best on a big computer screen.

Will my access to AITF Digital be cut off at some point?
No, once you have purchased AITF Digital you have ongoing access to the site. Your access will not be switched off*. It’s yours for perpetuity so you have all the time you need.

Will there be new content added?
Live Particle will generate new content annually. Your access to this site is ongoing. New content will be progressively added for a small fee. Users will be notified when new content becomes available via the Live Particle Newsletter.

Are there any online chat forums that I’m expected to engage in?
There is no requirement for you to engage in any online chat forums.  At this stage, we have no online chat forums linked to AITF Digital. All communication will be via email.

What practices informed the development of AITF Digital?
AITF Digital is an interdisciplinary, therapeutic, research & educational model with a footing in Art, Psychophysiology, Embodied Anatomy and Movement Therapy. The work has been informed by a range of somatic practices including Body-Mind Centering©, Yoga, Alexander Technique, Improvisation, Embodied Flow©, Focussing & Contact Improvisation.

*Live Particle reserves the right to cancel access to users who are not adhering to the Terms & Conditions and User Guidelines of AITF Digital.